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COVID Safety Precautions.

Script2Stage2Screen (S2S2S) will be doing its best to keep attendees safe from the COVID virus. To that end, it has implemented safety measures, including requiring all cast and crew to be fully vaccinated and wear masks except when acting.

For attendees, S2S2S is establishing an “Audience Bubble,” which is a list comprised of people who are fully vaccinated. Anyone wanting to attend an S2S2S performance must be on the list. Attendees’ names will be checked at the door against the list. This list will also be the basis for contact tracing if ever needed.
You may join the S2S2S Audience Bubble by emailing Terry LeMaster the following information:

  • Example: California driver's license

If you are unable to email the photo and ID, go ahead and send in your name, email address and telephone number. You may then show your actual vaccination card and government-issued ID at the door the night of a performance.  Or you may use a cell phone to show that you are registered at the official California COVID vaccine-record website myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.govHowever you provide this information to S2S2S, please remember that it is required for entrance to any S2S2S performance.

Other safety measures we are implementing include:

  1. Patrons must buy tickets in advance on this website or make a reservation by email to script2stage2screen@gmail.com
  2. All attendees must wear masks at any performance.
  3. Audience social distancing will be in effect for all performances.
  4. Refreshments will be served and must be consumed outdoors, in front of the church.