Art is a nation's most precious heritage.

– President Lyndon Johnson, 1965, upon establishing the National Endowment for the Arts.

More than 50 years after President Johnson’s words, they are no less true or important. With all the challenges we face in today’s society, it is increasingly difficult to raise support of the arts to a level that even warrants our consideration. But it is incumbent on us to do so. At a time when many of our schools are cutting back on their drama, music and dance classes, it is ironic that research continues to show that children exposed to the arts perform better academically and ultimately lead a more fulfilling life.

At Script2Stage2Screen, we certainly do not profess to being the magic waters where you can dip your toe and receive lasting artistic enlightenment. But, we do like to think we do our part in keeping the arts alive and well in the Coachella Valley, and I would like to personally invite you to join us in these efforts. There are several ways you can do this. Attending our performances is always something we appreciate. After all, where would we be with no audience? But, there are other ways as well: acting, volunteering and donating. Please take a moment to review these opportunities. Thank you.

Steve Fisher

Artistic Director


Are you an experienced actor? Or are you a beginner?

Well, there’s a place for both at Script2Stage2Screen.

Experienced Actors.

Many experienced actors have performed with S2S2S. This includes not only actors who have a great deal of community theater experience, but also equity actors, many with resumes that include significant work in film and television.

Beginning Actors.

Have you toyed with the idea of acting, but hesitated for a number of reasons? Perhaps you’re afraid of being in front of an audience? Or are worried about having to learn lines. Well, both of those are a lot easier with S2S2S, and one is not a problem at all.

When you act, you are simply representing a character. Did you ever pretend when you were a kid? Well, all these years later, you can do it again. And it still can be fun!

We make it easy.

We make it easy. Starting with–you don’t have to memorize lines! When you act with S2S2S, you hold the script in your hands. Also, we have experienced directors to teach you, and they love helping new actors figure out how to represent a character–whether it’s a wacky uncle, a puzzled psychologist, a nasty redneck or a loving angel.

Each play has some experienced actors in it and you will enjoy working from them, and picking up the occasional tip or technique. Finally, our audiences are encouraging and friendly. S2S2S is an intimate, safe space for all.


This is what you need to do.

Whether you are an experienced actor or looking for an opportunity to see if acting is something you would enjoy, send an email to our Artistic Director, Steve Fisher. If you have a resume, please include it.



Get Involved.

Volunteers fill all sorts of important roles at S2S2S. They run the gamut for key “jobs” such as box-office sales and staffing our concession stand. Rest assured, there will be something you will enjoy and be fulfilled by–and all make important contributions to our success.


Be a stage manager.

This is a very organized person who supports directors and actors as they rehearse and perform for a show. It involves 7-8 rehearsals and 2 performances.

Sell tickets or concessions before performances.

Two performances for each show.

Find items for unique gift baskets.

A primary way we raise funds. Monthly and ongoing.

Find sponsors.

Opportunities include season ticket purchases; funding after-performance refreshments; or covering expenses, such as costumes.

Distribute printed marketing materials.



Get Involved.

Acting and volunteering are not for everybody, but there is another way – a very important one – that you can support theater: make a donation.

At the onset, please be assured that your donation is tax deductible. S2S2S is the performing arts division of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Desert, which is a non-profit organization. (For detailed tax information, please consult your accountant.)

Any theater company has a continuing need for financial support. For its productions, S2S2S needs funding for costumes, props and various set pieces. We also need to pay for printed items such as programs and promotional flyers as well as the hosting and maintenance of our website. By helping to pay for these expenses you will be contributing to a very special theater-going experience.

Donation Options

If you wish, you can designate your contributions. For example, you could make a $500 donation to sponsor one show (two performances), perhaps to honor a spouse or friend… or even a pet. (Several years ago, we actually had an actor who did a very convincing job playing a dog.) Contributions like these will be recognized in the show’s program as well as announced to the audience by our Artistic Director.

With your support and generosity, we can continue showcasing highly entertaining new works each year. You can be assured that any and all donations are well-used and greatly appreciated.

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